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Author Topic: 1990s taper finally upgrading gear - a few questions about mics, power, stealth  (Read 12624 times)

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Welp, I thought I was doing enough research and searching how people set levels with the R-05.  The post I found said 40 was great for really loud shows, and I was not going to a really loud show, so I thought 40 would be OK.  Nope, quiet songs sound great but everything else is clipped a little, just enough to sound not that great.  Too bad because the sound in person was absolutely perfect.  Perhaps that was with babynbox rather than nbox.  Where is that time machine so I can do this again?   

Define "everything else" because if you are referring to the loud applause between songs then that is par for the course.  Lots of us here have experience muting obnoxious applause. 

As Kev said, don't throw that shit out yet.  I kept a recording from 1996 hoping that someday technology would catch up.  It did catch up and I was able to finally make it listenable.  I have said it MANY times before but there is a special place in heaven for the engineers at iZotope.

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PM sent about the clipped .wav....don't throw that shit out yet.

Many thanks to capnhook for declip assistance. All was not lost. 


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