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Random Volume/levels drop in one channel


Hi everyone,

The last two times out I've had an odd mid-show levels/volume drop in the right channel. At a seemingly random point (first recording was at about 2 hours in, then the second recording was at about 1 hour and 20 minutes in and then again about 2 hours and 10 minutes in), the right channel has a little pop then just drops about 2db for the rest of the recording. When I start a new recording, it seems fine. There's also nothing wrong with the recording after that point, other than the decreased volume.

Any ideas? Could this be the cable from the nbox to the recorder? I'm stumped. Setup is mk4 > actives > nbox platinum > edirol r-09hr

Sounds like either a phantom power supply issue or one of the capsules has a problem. You need to make test recordings, one swapping L/R cables at the mic inputs of the recorder, then swap just the MK4s. This will isolate the issue so you can tell if it's with the capsules, the active cables, or the recorder inputs. Does this problem happen just at outdoor shows? If so, humidity could be affecting one capsule only.

Good luck!


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