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What Sony mic is this?

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Does anyone recognize this little Sony stereo mic? (It's about thumbtip sized.)  Trying to find what model it is, and specs, but image and word searches haven't found it for me.

Looks very similar to a Sony PC-62

Thanks but not an exact match.  It looks like the PC-62 had a plug coming out of the back, to go into the desktop adapter. This one is wired, with a tieclip attached. Might well be the same mic element though!

After a few more appears that the PC-62 with the miniplug came with the WM-D3. I'm guessing this is the wired version that came with the WM-D6c.

It's been 35 years, but I don't think the WM-D6C came with a mic. I got a woeful Sony ECM-101 first to use with my D6C and then replaced it with the better ECM-121 before switching to Sonic Studios DSM6 a few years later. That looks like the ECM-121.

That's a positive ID, thanks!

I'm sure it's no match for your DSM6, but were you generally happy with the recordings from the ECM-121? If the specs in the Italian listing are correct, its bass response only goes down to 100 Hz.


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