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Author Topic: new to a 788t; have 744t - can i use the same battery in the field, or diff?  (Read 4803 times)

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Hey now,

I am running if anyone else uses their old 744t batteries with a 788t, and what they were getting, timing wise, if running 8 tracks, just the A>D and record

I need some folks familiar with running a 788t, and some battery sections.

I don't want to record 6-8 tracks, and have my battery die 'cause I was using something too small.

Any help is appreciated

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 I use the omni charge ultimate. available at B&H . i bought mine on a crowd fund when they first came out . also bought a spare battery pak. pricey but so is the 788 . you dont have to worry about power with one of these . i usually run 4 mics plus a board if i can get it . 6 hrs and still have 60 % Power left. You will need to make a power cable or have some one like Ted make one . I made my own using the cable they supplied .

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I have mostly been using a Ravpower, but I see that they no longer make that model.  I also use a talentcell battery with 14500 MAh at 9v.  I see that they now make a much larger unit as well.  I may need to snag one of those myself.  Get Ted to make you a power cable.  As a bonus the talentcell battery also runs my CPAP machine.
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