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Author Topic: iZotope RX 10 and Ozone 10  (Read 20466 times)

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Re: iZotope RX 10 and Ozone 10
« Reply #45 on: September 19, 2023, 10:58:20 PM »
I took advantage of the upgrade to Music Suite 5.2 for $149 before they changed it to Suite 6. I agree that at this point it's worth waiting for upgrade packages for from whatever versions of RX and Ozone you have to get a discount for the upgrades. Determine what you use and then make a decision.

I've been upgrading at irregular times since RX 7 and have noticed that although many of the features may not change, the algorithms they use in already existing modules have improved.

I find that RX Standard and Ozone Advanced works the best for me.

That being said, no matter what versions of RX and Ozone you might be currently using - seek out the various tutorials by Geoff Manchester at Izotope and You Tube. For me, he's been the clearest explainer (if you will) of how everything works and what you might focus on. As he says, he's been working in RX for many years and is still learning. I've been finding so many new tips that I wish I knew when I started remastering old shows in my collection and thought I knew what I was doing.

The only issue I have is that from what I can gather here is that many of taperssection folks are using the software to improve two channel concert recordings that we've acquired by our own recordings or from another source. Much of the Izotope extra stuff (Neutron, etc.) only works in another DAW rather than the standalone RX and Ozone plugin as I use and gather that many of others do as well.

So anyway, as I say in my seeds - take it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on.


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