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Author Topic: good mics to buy or ship to Russia?  (Read 2245 times)

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Re: good mics to buy or ship to Russia?
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2023, 08:58:50 AM »
Hi, F717
If you want order something to Russia you can use mailforwarders like or similar
I brought here on TS some stuff from darktrain and other members and use this mailforwarder to ship in Moscow)

Do you tape open or  >:D ?  Wich bands and where?

I think for now it's not good time to start taping  (((

Hey fellow Moscow citizen!

I record various music - jazz bands, underground rock bands, classical concerts and etc. I'm mostly taping in stealth, yet I made friends with some of the bands that I've shown my recordings to and they are ok with me doing it (so basically its open for them). Closest venue to me is Eldar Kino Club, yet I also go to Esse Club, Sklad №3, Tsaritsyno Palace and etc. In future, I'm planning to record bigger artists that are worth paying the tickets for (lol), but so far most of the stadium/arena concerts are occupied with bands that are either not affordable / not in my taste / i dislike for non-musical reasons.
You mentioned it being "not good time to start taping" and I strongly disagree. Now that most of the concert goers are more focused to record vids from cams, I think taping of small bands is especially important, cause some of them don't even reach a point of recording a studio record. In case of bigger bands, I'm usually not satisfied with phone recording clips that show up in cuts of Instagram and YT, why not record a full show in good quality?   :coolguy:

Anyway we were talking about the mics :DD
Yes, I'm planning to use the mail-forwards for further purchases, but I'm still thinking of variants of which mics to get...

P.S - must say that your recordings were one of the things that inspired me to start taping, thank you for your work.
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