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GoPro cameras... Anyone used one?

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Govt Mule:
I used them in race cars. they work great there, they take beating. Saw one hit the track and still work after about a 50mph fall.

what do you want to use it for?

Fatah Ruark (aka MIKE B):
I use mine for skiing and mountain biking mostly. Works great for that for the most part. My only complaint is performance in bright light (like when riding into the sun). I would live if they had an option to run a polarizer filter on it.

I haven't used the new high end one, but was thinking of picking one up for a second angle, and possible concert use since it works much better in low light.

A friend of mine used one for this:

I'm pretty sure it's the black and white footage from the side of the stage.

I picked up a hero2 in december. i like it a lot and its much smaller than you would think. There's no LCD screen but ours came with a wifi pack that allows you to use your smartphone, with an app, to control the camera. You can buy different cases like a dive housing or a skeleton housing where you can have access to mic-in on the unit. You can also do time-lapses upto a minute interval, although I have not tried time lapses on the gopro yet.

The hero3 black looks very nice because of its extended filming modes but this model will set you back $400. The advantage to this model is wifi is built in and its smaller than hero2 models and it includes a remote to control it.

it can even be used in taping:



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