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Sony PCM-M10 (Part 8)

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I called today and inquired about a new Sony PCM-M10 and was advised by my dealer that Sony has announced that the M-10 will be discontinued. 

For those dealers that have no stock, prices may creep a little higher, as Sony is not discounting the unit. 

For those dealers that have large stock supplies, you may see prices dip below $200.

I found a unit at Guitar Center, for in stock items only, for $170 free shipping.  B&H has it for $199 free shipping.   Sweetwater has it for $250. 

No replacement model has been announced, but I assume an announcement is forthcoming. 

well, CES isnt until January

Interesting!  I wonder what they have on tap for new models?  As I noted above, it has been five years since the M10 came out, so the time is ripe for an update (that doesn't cost 800 bucks like the D100)...

To be honest, what can be done to improve the M10 and keep it in roughly the same price bracket?


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