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Rode Stereo Videomic Pro


I know it's a Rode and they aren't the best out there, but does anyone use one of these? I picked one up for travel use (walking 4k video, street market ambiance, etc) at a discounted price and am open to using it at festivals and such if it can handle the SPL and actually sounds decent for music. It has a surprising amount of controls (low cut @ 75hz, -10db, +20db) and runs off of a 9v battery. I'll be using it with a Sony a6400 - I wish the ZS100 had a mic in, which would make it the perfect camera for what we do.

Of course, the shock mount system is garbage - why does pretty much every camera mic out there not have a clamp for the wire? I had to tape it down to get rid of handling noise. I realize these aren't marketed for pro use, but at the prosumer level, you would expect basic functional details.

Craig T:
I have one.  It's fine for its intended use, which for me is mostly run and shoot family stuff.  I shot some video at Wanee one year and the audio turned out fine paired with a Panasonic FZ2500.

Thanks Craig, that's what i figured. It should be nice for local shows where I don't want to put a lot of effort into post production.

I'll link an example whenever shows come back and I can film something with my a6400.


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