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Hi. Seeing that the price had fallen to around $200, on impulse I bought a Nagra "Mezzo" pocket recorder from Trew Audio. It has functionality similar to the Sony PCM-M10, except that it has separate line and mike input sockets rather than a single socket with sensitivity determined by a menu setting.

Its memory is internal only--no card slot--so the only way to transfer files out or in is via USB. And there's the rub: I can get it to connect to my laptop, but not to my desktop PC. Or rather, it connects to either one--but after a few seconds of being connected to my desktop PC, and recognized as an external storage device (I can even see files and folders on it for a little while), it suddenly fails and locks up the recorder. This happens every time. The only way I can get it unfrozen is to remove a battery. Has anyone else here had this problem?

When time permits, I'll do some noise measurements on it. When I did that with the Sony recorder, which is switchable between 16- and 24-bit recording, the 24-bit mode appeared to have only a <1 dB lower noise floor than the 16-bit mode, which meant that the 24-bit setting was effectively useless. The "Mezzo" has both settings as well, so I'd like to see whether it's simply a nice way to fill up memory faster, or whether it actually offers any potentially audible benefit.

--best regards

Oboy, a windows issue!
"Make sure you only have One sound driver installed"

What version of windows is working on laptop and what version is failing on PC? Let's start from there.
Are you sure the recorder is locked up and not acting as a live audio USB interface? I can't find any indication that the Mezzo has that feature, but it could happen.

I appreciate your posting, but when I asked whether others had this problem, too, that's actually what I wanted to find out. The problem doesn't mean that I can't use the recorder; if/when I use it, I will transfer files via the laptop. Since I'm rather likely to use the recorder mainly while traveling, the laptop is the computer that I'll have with me then anyway.

--best regards

P.S.: No sound driver is involved, since the device appears as generic mass storage; both computers have the same version of 64-bit Windows 10 installed, but they have different chip sets; I think this is a hardware issue.

I don't own one so not experiencing the problem.  Looks like Nagra website has two software versions available for download.  V1.3.1.4 and Mezzo V1.3.1.8 (latest version), I'm not seeing release notes but installing a different software version may be worth trying.

Nothing useful about the Nagra, but reminds me of a series of Lexar USB drives that have a hardware/firmware/something issue - half of my Macs see it, half don't, and I can't rely on it when I expect to interface with foreign computers.  Reports aplenty on that one. 


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