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Hi David

I enjoy and learn from all your posts here and everywhere else I can find them.
I have been considering the Mezzo as well, as an alternative to my aging M-10, and hope you will continue to update us on your problem/progress.  I have a W7 desktop, and would be very....disappointed...if i could not transfer files from a Mezzo.  Have you spoken to Trew or the US Nagra people?

My Sony PCM -M10 has both line and microphone separate inputs.  The microphone input can provide PIP or not as chosen in the menu.  I usually use it with a SD MP-2 running into the line input when using external mikes since my only PIP mike is an old cheap XY Sony electret.

I am surprised that although the Mezzo features 24 bit recording, the (supposedly proprietary) audio circuits do not have sufficient S/N to make that bit depth effective.  I expect that from 'prosumer' equipment like the Sony, but Nagra is promoting the Mezzo as "professional".  I look forward to your actual noise measurements.  I wish i could answer your actual question from personal experience....I'm posting just to say your upcoming info will be well appreciated.


--- Quote from: DSatz on May 16, 2021, 10:39:50 PM ---[...] It has functionality similar to the Sony PCM-M10, except that it has separate line and mike input sockets rather than a single socket with sensitivity determined by a menu setting.

Its memory is internal only--no card slot--so the only way to transfer files out or in is via USB. And there's the rub: I can get it to connect to my laptop, but not to my desktop PC. Or rather, it connects to either one--but after a few seconds of being connected to my desktop PC, and recognized as an external storage device (I can even see files and folders on it for a little while), it suddenly fails and locks up the recorder. This happens every time. The only way I can get it unfrozen is to remove a battery. Has anyone else here had this problem?

--- End quote ---

 This comparison will be interesting maybe

I waited a long time for a mezzo at a reasonable price ... and eventually bought PCM- A10 ))

^ Those tests seem to be evaluating the built-in mics as much as anything else. It would be interesting to see something similar with the same (external) mics going into the mic and/or line inputs.

From Trew Audio yesterday: 

"Hi, unfortunately, we do not have the Nagra Mezzo in stock, and we are unable to order more."

I traveled to Germany and back with this recorder in my bag. Its "HOLD" button is in a recessed groove on the side of the recorder, but has ridges that stick out beyond the groove walls. So the HOLD feature keeps getting turned off just by things jostling around in the bag. Many times the recorder was turned on by accident. In fact, I'd say that about half the time whenever I checked, the recorder was on when I didn't mean it to be.

And now that I'm going to transfer the three sound samples that I recorded while I was over there, I see that the folder has 92 sound files in it. Grrrr.


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