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Hello friends

i´m newbie making videos , i just film some shows and i try to sync with the Da  Vinci resolve, i have an external recorder with my pair of Schopes MK41V mics. So i have two sources for the sound , the camera and the recorder

I have never got success with the automatic synch in Da Vinci, so i made it manually with the blade tool . ( do you idea of why my videos never are automatic syncro?)

When i finished it i export it with the deliver tool , but after a long time with the render all tool , Da Vince gave me a file of more thaN 90 Gb , the concert that i try to synch took 2 hours long.

So could anybody help me with the paramenters that i have to use in order to get a file like the original of 14/15 GB .

Thanks in advance

kind regards


I film in AVCHD format

Fatah Ruark (aka MIKE B):
You need to change the output under Render Settings.

I usually output just with the Vimeo 1080p or 4k preset. That works for me as I'm usually just uploading to YouTube and I'm not concerned with the absolute best quality.

I also change the audio to AAC to reduce the size. Obviously it reduces the quality, but for YouTube it works fine for me.

You can try different presets to see what works for you.

I attached a screen shot of my settings that I normally use (for 4k).

Thank you very much.77i´ll try to prove it

i use to burnt my projects in dvd , so any help to deliver the timeline into dvd format will be appreciatte

kind regards


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