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Littlebox question

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Bought one of jon's last batch of Littleboxes (LB) as an extra pre-amp. Went to go use it and could not get it to work properly.

Here is a link to someone else who bought one of the last 4 LB: (Though this did not help out to link is broken from that thread to what I bought)


Have a version 1 little box that seems to work quite differently then the lastest version.

Searched all my PM's and TS for info on this and jon deleted all his posts and PM's best I can tell.


Littlebox front side:
1)Has aux and 1/8 stereo out plugs...which I understand how they work.

2) Has 2 switches for "hi", "lo", "pots" next to the left and right gain knobs...not sure I understand how these work.
  Do I turn on the right switch to "high" and leave the left switch down to "lo"? This combo seemed to work when I test recorded though was not sure what it was really doing.

3) has 2 upper switches located above the left and right gain knobs. Not sure what these are...
a) seems like ones turns on phantom power...if this switch is not in the up position nothing records? Any ideas on this one?
b) Second switch seems like a "Low cut filter" due to recording signal goes down slightly when I turn it off.

Not sure what all switch do and how to actually run the box correctly.

Know this a long shot though if anyone has suggestions on how to figure this out would be appreciated.
I got the recording to work now though not sure if I am using the box correctly.

Thanks in advance.


I got one of the "2015" editions and yours sounds different.  Here is a link to my sale post with pics and some more info.

As you see mine only had one high/low switch.  My understanding is the low/high is for phantom power.  Some of the schoeps etc can run on low.  My neumann's needed high or 48v. I think low is 20v.

Gordon, was the light on yours high when red, and low green? My midbox seems to be that way.

Question what is the switch between the LR gain knobs in right Littblebox in picture below are?

From reading jon's LB description it seems it could be a
gain switch. Upper is +44DB fixed gain and Lower switch is
0DB gain switch and pot is using the LR gains knobs if
I understand what Jon has written about it. (See gain control below)

Also, is the second Hi/Low/Off Switch on the right side of the LR gain knobs in right Littblebox in picture below are for 48/12 Volt phantom power like the version one on the left in the picture below?

From Jon's Web page

    LB Gain control

    Independent left and right gain pots
    +6dB to +38dB standard gain range on pots
    Three-position stereo gain switch: high (+44dB), low (0dB), or pot
    Optional input transformer for additional +11dB gain
    -18dB input attenuator with optional input transformer
    Optional input and output attenuators via toggle switches

"littlebox’s three-position stereo gain switch allows fixed gain selection at high and low positions, or gain setting via pots. In fixed gain settings, pot function is disabled. Low gain setting is 0dB. Standard high gain position is +44dB, but may be configured for any setting between 0dB and +44dB."

littlebox Specification


Pictured below are Left littlebox is version one. Right littlebox is last version (The LB I am asking about is on the right).

The pot should allow you to use the knobs to control gain!  The High is fixed gain and the paperwork should contain what the fixed gain is.  I'm going off memory and I haven't had a Littlebox in several years.  Hope this helps


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