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PSA - Make sure to set date on recorder if it's been idle too long

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UPDATE: Turns out the problem I have is the lithium coin battery mounted on the top circuit board has died. This "backup" clock battery holds the time date while the unit is off. It's over 12 years old so I guess that would not be an unexpected lifespan for a lithium.  I may try to replace it, but to do that I'll have to a) source one, then b) open the case and expose
 the top circuit board to access it. In the meantime, I'll just make sure to set the correct date and time whenever the unit is first powered up. It only takes a few seconds, I just have to remember to do it. Going forward it will be used primarily as a second deck for occasional SBD patches and such. Just wanted to share that info for any Marantz users since there are quite a few of us still running them.

Date and time are part of the filename (see manual preset recording). The maximum number of files you can store on the card is 999 (see manual somewhere in the end). If the dates are to far apart you can hit that maximum and the system will refuse. But its sound advice to check your settings before hit the record button.


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