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Looking for a new recorder for stealth recording

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I've checked out some of the reviews linked to in the README1st section at the beginning to this forum, but most of them seem to be pretty out of date.

For example, the Marantz PMD-620 looked like the perfect thing for me, but - it's discontinued. :banging head:

I'm looking for a replacement for my aging Edirol R-09HR which has given me great concert recordings for years but which is now showing all-too-obvious signs of age (the rubber coating is degrading and the display is barely readable).

The best things about the R-09HR were its concealability and the pretty-decent quality of its built-in mics.

I considered buying its successor, the R-07. But after reading *lots* of reviews critical of everything from its questionable reliability to its inexcusably slow file transfer speeds to its use of those easy-to-lose micro-SD cards (which are mounted in the unit such that it is easy to lose one), I decided that model was not an option.

What in your opinion is the best recorder available today for stealth recording?

Some of the zoom options seem good to me.  the Sony A10 gets the most press but supply chain issues rendered those unavailable. 
I suggest browsing the local music supply stores near you   you might be surprised what they have in stock. 

Sony M10.


--- Quote from: udovdh on March 09, 2022, 05:28:00 PM ---Sony M10.

--- End quote ---

Amen.  Keep looking for a used one.   

But the built in mics (mentioned in the original post) of the M10 give a dreadful stereo image...  there is no such thing as coincident omni mic stereo recording!  I could never understand what Sony were thinking of with that.


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