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Syncing Audio to your 4K Video File's - Free Software Suggestions ?

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What do you guys use for Video Editing Software (those that Sync your Audio recordings to Video) and is there anything free out there to use ?

Looking for something easy and quick to use, with any auto sync feature, as I usually record full sets in 4K HD quality and using the internal Mic's on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 Camera currently

I do it kinda backwards, and export the scratch audio from the camera over to my audio editor (audacity) where I manually sync the good audio to it, & trim to the exact length.
Then I replace the scratch audio with my prepared version.

I'd like to be better at the video side, where I could perhaps add or delete frames, rather than tampering with the audio so much...
Heard Pluraleyes is good for camera sync but never got it to work myself.

I use NHC VideoPad. Its basic but I can sync good audio with the shitty video audio and do fades and multiple video tracks.

I use davinci resolve, which works pretty well but the free version is CPU intensive and slow.

I use XMedia Recode.  It's open source (completely free).  The interface is not very user friendly nor intuitive; and the instructions aren't great.  But I have the program figured out.  Here's a little video tutorial I just made with my iPhone (it's crude - but gets the point across):


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