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Semi-new taper starting out

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Hi everyone, I’m a semi-newbie to the concert taping thing that goes by the name “TheConcertNerd”. For the longest time, I’ve filmed whatever I was able to and filmed a very small amount of videos that was mainly in the live play/musical theatre but, I’m starting to get into filming concerts and I decided to join this forum to hopefully find out how the concert taping thing works because it is apparently a little different than filming Broadway, like more security wise.

I was basically wondering if anyone can help me out by answering a couple questions I have.

1. As I’m getting into filming concerts like the ones that happen in arena like places, I was wondering how can I get my camcorder into the show considering arenas have a lot more security than most theaters will though my theaters actually have metal detectors which is ironic because I live in an average sized California town. I’m basically wondering how I can take my camcorder inside the arena venue without any security noticing or any metal detectors noticing.

2. Basically, the filming community I come from is where we film live theatre performances like plays/musicals, we had to use a hiding method in order to not get thrown out, caught by an usher, and/or banned from the theatre. I was wondering if there was anything similar that you guys did to hide your camera from the security at concert arena venues.

My video equipment I use is a Canon Vixia HF R50 HD camcorder, I’ve had it for 4yrs and it works amazing for me.

I don’t currently have any external audio equipment like most other concert tapers would unfortunately but, hopefully that will change in the future.

Anyways, if anyone is able to help me out, that would be great. If you can’t reply to the message here, my email is at and I think it will be displayed on the message anyway but, just in case.

Thanks and have a great day/night.

-TheConcertNerd (changed my name due to reasons in the forum, I can’t change my email unfortunately however so, I apologize for that)

My two cents…

1. Leave the camcorder at home.  Any modern cell phone can produce better quality than the unit you quoted anyway.  Just load on a decent video app, and look for a complimentary solution for good audio.

2. Cell phone is your best defense from a forced exit.

Massive Dynamic:
1. Use of the term bootleg is relatively frowned upon here.
2. Forum members are usually reminded to keep stealth, stealth. No open discussion.
3. Some folks come here pretending to be tapers, but are actually security types looking for ways to recognize tapers. Don't give away your secrets to strangers.
4. Welcome to TS.  :)

I actually didn’t know bootleg was frowned upon on this forum. It is my name in the other taping community I’m part of and people accepted my name there, I didn’t know it didn’t work in this forum. I know that open discussions are risky and that is the precise reason why I left my email on the message so, that way anyone can message privately about answers to questions. Just remember, I’m new to this whole thing so, I’m learning as I go along.

Massive Dynamic:
This is one of the stickies in the Taperchat forum,
The linked thread is broken though, so maybe a mod can fix that.

There are some experienced video folks here (not me) and maybe they'll be along shortly to help you out.


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