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Cables for Schoeps CMC 1 L (Lemo) to Sonosax SX-M2D2 (TA3F)


Do any of you taping gurus here have suggestions for cables to go directly from the Schoeps CMC 1 L to the analog TA3F input of the Sonosax SX-M2D2? Ideally I would like to get a very low-profile option, maybe, if such a thing is possible, going directly from the Lemo connector on the CMC end to the TA3 connector on the Sonosax end. I would like to avoid having to use a bulky adapter to go from full-sized XLR to mini-XLR, to save some real estate (the idea being that both the Sax and a phone for recording could fit in a large pants pocket). Any suggestions welcome, including if there is someone in these parts who might make a custom cable for this, if they are not relatively easily available off the shelf. Thank you very kindly!


TA3s are pretty easy to solder up assuming the cable diameter isnt too large to fit in the housing. good practice for a novice solderer and if you mess it up you lose at most 1/2" of cable and try it again

switchcraft makes two different versions, for small and large cables, here's the bigguns with the 'L' in the part number to accomodate up to 4mm cable (K5LU cable is 3mm)

if our primary use is the SX-M2D2 you can chop the factory cable and insert a set of TA3M/TA3F in there, then you can still use the full-sized XLR ends when needed

if super small is your game the right angle Cable Techniques are trick, albeit a little more challenging than the switchcraft to work with

I was wondering about CMC1L Lemo connectors too. Here's a thread with some good info:


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