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Foobar Live ShowTagger issues

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I've been using this relatively problem free for years but have hit a bit of an issue when tagging others' files.

I've downloaded a collection of Van Morrison outtakes from Dime but the files are untagged. I loaded the FLACs into Foobar, used the automatic track numbering function and then attempted to use the Live Show Tagger to tag them using a freshly prepared info file, named "VM Studio Demos info.txt", text as below:

Van Morrison
Studio Demos 1968-1971 

01 The Way Young Lovers Do
02 Ballerina
03 And It Stoned Me
04 Caravan
05 Come Running
06 These Dreams Of You
07 Brand New Day
08 Domino (3:56)
09 If I Ever Needed Someone
10 Wild Night
11 When That Evening Sun Goes Down
12 Nobody Really Knows
13 Bit By Bit
14 Hey Where Are You
15 I Need Your Kind Of Loving
16 Lorna
17 Rock And Roll Band
18 Funny Face

I removed the original text file from the directory to avoid any conflict but Foobar seems to want to ignore the new info file, prefering to look to an unrelated text file in the directory above the one the FLACs are stored in. I tried to point Foobar to the correct file using the "load" function in LST and although this brings up the tracklist in the right hand window, it blanks out the file list in the left hand window...

I deleted the file in the parent directory to see if that helps but Foobar then found another text file there to look at...

A similar thing happened with a torrent I downloaded yesterday but deleting the erronous file allowed Foobar/LST to see the good one.

Is this just a weird bug or am I doing something wrong here?

You are working on a copy, you say?
No chance that you left the torrent live and it keeps trying to put your data back?

Yep, copy in a new directory - and my torrent client is shut...

--- Quote from: morst on January 14, 2023, 02:02:06 PM ---You are working on a copy, you say?
No chance that you left the torrent live and it keeps trying to put your data back?

--- End quote ---

Make a new subfolder in the directory of your media files you're trying to update, move the files to the new subfolder, and try again.

I sometimes get similar issues with the Foobar Live Showtagger in certain directories and usually adding another layer fixes my problem.

At the start did you:

Highlight the files > right click > Remove tags


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