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Mixing a SBD Feed

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I’ve been recording Steely Dead for a few years now, probably 30ish shows, in collaboration with the band.

I’ve been running a pair of mk41s along with a SBD feed. Over time, I’ve found I most like the sound of the mics when they’re placed a bit downstage of the high-hat. Kind of like uber-over heads.

I have used a L/R PA feed, as I have w other bands like Los Lobos. Mostly b/c that’s what’s easy for them. But ahead of last week’s SD tour, I was thinking about their switch to IEMs, and what that would mean for stage sound. I figured that no vocals would be main impact. Then it occurred to me that since I would get my feed as 2 aux bus output channels from the Behringer  iem mixer, possibilities opened up.

Rather than L/R, I considered what I wanted to get to supplement the ambient pair. I decided to go with 1 channel of vocals, and 1 with bass, guitar, and keys. At the first show soundcheck, I had the boys individually sing and then play their instrument, and matched their levels. I used an ios app for the Behringer that made it easy. A pair of drummer’s isolating headphones allowed me to hear enough during the show to tweak levels a bit.

Home from tour and listening/mixing, I’m happy with the results and think it sounds better than before.

Here’s a link on the archive:

Wondering if anyone else is working similarly, and/or has ideas.

Are you creating the info files as well? If so gotta give you a ribbing.

"03. Tied To The Mast"

Any major dude well tell you the song is called "Home At Last"

Are SBD vocals or instruments ever panned in stereo? Keyboards are, I bet.
Why not use two channels for each SBD group? Sounds good overall but the entire stereo effect comes from the mic pair.
If you're out of channels, I get that, but it looks like you have six available if you're using a MixPre6!?!

edit, a major dic...tionary dude will tell ya to spell check Bodhisattva too... lol.

Totally agree. Vocals are often mostly center, but instruments get panned.

Lots of room on the MP6, no more outputs for me on the Behringer.

Was thinking I could use rx9 to separate the bass from the keys/guitar, and send bass R and others L, which is how they are on stage.



--- Quote from: checht on January 29, 2023, 12:14:48 AM ---Lots of room on the MP6, no more outputs for me on the Behringer.

--- End quote ---

What Behringer? Some old analog one?
X32 has a whole row of 8 assignable XLR "Omni" outputs.
Like the Yamaha LS9, it LOOKS LIKE it should be a touch screen but it's not.
The knobs under the display of the X32 click in addition to turning.


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