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Mixing a SBD Feed

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--- Quote from: checht on January 29, 2023, 03:20:25 PM ---
--- Quote from: opsopcopolis on January 29, 2023, 12:05:57 PM ---Pretty sure I brought this up when you first asked about the board, but you can get full multis from the x18 via a single USB connection, no need to get more isolated outs (either direct or via aux) from the board to your deck. If they have the free inputs you could even add your mics to the board and get them via multi that way and free yourself of some extra gear. If you're starting to dabble in getting isolated channels, this is the way to go IMO. If you want to avoid dealing with full multis, you can basically do what you did with the 2ch out and just use vox + a few instruments with more flexibility of panning, volume adjustments between instruments, etc...

The mix linked definitely has nice clarity, but it has kinda a weird wet/dry thing going on imo with the wet, stage mic'd drums and crazy ambiance off to the right side, with the dry vox

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Thanks! You did mention before, but somehow I interpreted as meaning 'plug in a usb stick' and found that the x18 doesn't do that. I can, however, run usb out to my Macbook Pro. It's kinda heavy, but I bring it on tour already so I can keep up with day job. Love the idea of adding my ambients, I hope there's a couple open inputs. Really appreciate the reminder, will test in April on NorCal tour.


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Ah yeah, sorry if that wasn't clear! Should just be a printer style USB B > A cable straight out of the back of the board


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