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I'm looking for a recommendation for a simple pan/tilt head to go on 5/8" mic thread or a standard 1/4" camera thread. I record mostly my own band stuff with multiple fixed cameras (Zoom Q2n, GoPro, GoPro knockoffs etc) but recently did two shows for friends with those and then also my older Canon camcorder with an optical zoom. But all I had was a little ball adapter on top of a mic stand that I would loosen and re-tighten with a T-bolt after panning/zooming, very shakey. I don't want to get a whole camera tripod for how infrequently I do this, so I'm looking for just a head to go on top of what I already have. And in particular one that you twist the handle to loosen/tighten (just tilt?) for smoother use, like many camera tripods. Many of the ones I look at have a handle but it appears to be just for steering, not tighten/loosen. Thinking $50 range.


I use this one - - but it looks like it's been discontinued and replaced with a different model.

Looks like this one is the closest equivalent that I see in a quick search - - listing for a used one. The reviews say that folks are using for game scopes and cameras. The quick release looks like it would work for just about any vid cam.

You fellas reminded me I need one  :coolguy:

This is cheep ($4 more) and has good features..

i use this for my gopro hero. can clamp to alot of things. fixed static use only.

Thanks for the recommendations, but those don't appear to have the "turn the handle to loosen/tighten" the tilt. This type of head, on a simple $20 Amazon camnera tripod:


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