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Stealth/Hands free video?


Anyone know of a way (a device, set up, etc) to achieve stealth and/or hands free video? Right now I just have my smartphone but that would require holding it up for the show. I've looked into chest mounts, etc but they'd sit too low to accurately capture the stage.

I also considered a GoPro, but it's my understanding with their wide FOV it's not going to capture the stage particularly well in low-lit environments.

Get a spot in the front row of the second level (requires planning) then clamp camera to rail.  I've done this several times.  With higher end cameras you can typically use an app on your smartphone to control the camera though connection issues are always a possibility.

Top Hat:
Clamp a phone holder to your mic stand then  stereo out from recorder > Behringer Interface $30> Smart Phone.


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