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DA-P1 problem


d swing:
So here's my problem.  I'm at soulive/mmw the other night and I patch out of an oktava cards->da-p1 rig (kind of sad but it was the best rig in the house at that point and I'm not complaining since I don't even own mics right now).  I'm first in the chain so I got the lead digi out into my digi in.  Anyway, everything looks good, I have levels, everybody below me has levels.  The boys come on and we roll tape.  My record light was lit up the whole time (solid, not blinking like it does when you're in pause/record).  So the set comes to an end and I look down at my tape.  There's no time on the display which I thought was kind of weird but whatever, I've seen that before.  Anyway, I go to change tapes for the upcoming mmw sets and I see my tape didn't roll at all.  I try to play it back and there's nothing, no levels or anything.  Anybody ever encounter anything like this before?  I've never heard of this.  The people below me all got good tapes (or so they said).  Is it possible I was just passing an signal the whole time?  Any idea how this could have happened?  I'm really clueless as to what could have happened.   Thanks in advance.

gotcha via AIM :-)

d swing:
thanks bro.  The p1 apparently can do wrong...esp. with my dumbass at the controls...

Yo bro, this is really late but if you still got that tape w/ no levels etc. it was not formatted correctly. if you have a d-8 toss it in there. 99 out of 100 times that is the problem.



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