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Need help getting off the ground, reasonable SBD equipment?

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I have friends in a band who are in need of someone to start recording their shows and keeping an archival vault. Is all I really need a DAT recorder, a cable, rechargeable batteries, and blank media? PLMK, all your help is appreciated  ???

You got it.... I'd look over on the Oade board (  at the Used Gear section... Decks are always for sale there and usually at reasonable prices... just remember though, if this is what you are doing then get a deck that can handle analogue ins (not just digi ins) so you can tape off any board.


i would definately look into getting a DAP1.  then you have your RCA in/out for analog rather than a miniplug on a D8.  now can you use the XLR as an analog in on the DAP1?  anyone? i got a D8.

Along the exact lines i was thinking.  Oh and where were you mon or tue ry?  no bt for you?  you missed a pair of great sets.

unfortunatly, i mean fortunatly i have a family, so san diego wasn't exactly conveniant for me.  i would have liked to go.  sny issues with taping?  would like to hear em.  happy turkey day to ya.  PEACE  


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