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Attenuating clapping in live recordings - the easy way

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--- Quote from: opsopcopolis on June 29, 2022, 03:19:26 PM ---all the izotope stuff is crazy black magic fuckery. De-noise/hiss has saved something I thought near unsalvageable more than once

--- End quote ---

I just had an RX experience so otherworldly that I had to give it its own thread:

Does anyone have any hacks for using WavePad Masters Edition?
Recorded David Sedaris the other night & ran hot to get the best vox on tape & naturally brickwalled numerous clapping sections.
In addition, would click/pop be best for punctuating laughter or some other method?

Other topics on applause:

If it was brickwalling, sounds like you want to de-clip first, then de-click to reduce the clapping that remains. I'm not familiar with Wavepad to instruct you in how to do that there, though.

For the last couple of years I've been using Wavelab Pro 11 and iZotope RX 10. As stated, iZotope is wizardry for most things, IME. But like a number have said using plugins like de-click, de-noise, etc. reduce other sounds beyond the clapping, especially if you don't isolate a section. I never got Limiter to work like I wanted and compression was too difficult to get right (probably because I'm a dummy on how to use them correctly). So, I mainly use iZotope for the Spectral Repair and De-hum works really well for stuff like line noise or constant HVAC hum, etc. (The Repair Assistant is amazing too.) For clapping, since it typically rises then falls at the end of a section or song, I use the envelope tool in Wavelab: isolate the section where the clapping volume rises, open the Envelope tool (Process tab in the Audio Editor) then using the left-side handle thingy reduce to a level that makes sense and fits smoothly with the song and crowd response. It usually takes me a few tries until the reduction sounds seamless with the surrounding audio, but I've always been satisfied with the results. I used to use Audacity, but, since audience recordings are seldom ideal, I just had to get some better software to fix my fuck ups :banging head: and audience/venue cockups :angry2:.


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