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Audacity - New Time Stretching Abilities, etc

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Chip Paper:
Audacity has upped its game
The new version has a few very useful features.
  "Good and free"
Not heard spoken together very often...


I call bullshit, watch their video

Tempo and beats mean nothing to us tapers, time stretch is not fine enough for our use

They deprecated the "Change Speed" again.....seriously doubt if it will take a 16-place decimal factor

Everything is bullshit, as Willie and Micah fortold....

 :banging head:

What do you mean they "deprecated" it?
Do you actually think the program has gotten worse?

If you look around here in these pages, us tapers have proven that something mysterious happened after v2.1.0 that truncated your fine 16-place decimal factor down to only about 4 places in the "Change Speed" function.

Don't know why they broke something that worked.

Has it been fixed, some report yes, I don't know and don't want to try

Their newest example looks depricated to the astute observer...

Here's v2.1.0 for comparison

Anybody want to test?

I got stuff to mix.. ;D

Chip Paper:
Wait, it was always there?

I'm writing the Audacity developer team and Time Team, dagnabbit !

It's a hokey BBC TV archeology show that the GF (archeology maj.) likes

OK,ok - silliness aside
Does this still work?


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