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Author Topic: MicroSDHC cards work in Sony PCM-D50 using a MS-Pro HG DUO adapter @ 24/48  (Read 15185 times)

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After some experimentation, I found the following steps allowed use of the MicroSDHC cards in a Sony PCM-D50

For 32 GB and smaller cards, the following will work.
  • Load MicroSDHC card (using adapter) into PCM-D50 and select the "Memory Stick" as the memory source.
  • Attempt to format the "Memory Stick" with PCM-D50.  Make sure NOT to format the "Built-In" memory.  It will attempt to format the MicroSDHC card but will fail.
  • Format Micro SDHC card in a PC, 32bit FAT using normal format, NOT Quick Format.
  • Copy all of the files/folders from the "Built-In" memory to the MicroSDHC card using a PC.
  • Now, select "Memory Stick" as the memory source. The unit will display "Unknown Format."  That is okay,
    because it will still read and write from the MicroSDHC card.  Press the Play or stop button and the MicroSDHC card in MS Duo's clothing is ready to go.

For a 64 GB card, the following worked.  Please note that it took formatting on both a PC and a phone to get it be recognized by the recorder.  Also, my LEDs still worked using the microSD card.

  • Format Micro SDXC card in a PC using exFAT using normal format, NOT Quick Format with the SD Formatter program from
  • Attempt to use SDXC card in Android phone and allow it to format SDXC card
  • Load MicroSDXC card (using adapter) into PCM-D50 and select the "Memory Stick" as the memory source.
  • Now, select "Memory Stick" as the memory source. The unit will display "Unknown Format."  That is okay,
    because it will still read and write from the MicroSDXC card.  Press the Play or stop button and the MicroSDXC card in MS Duo's clothing is ready to go.

I have used both a 4GB and 8GB class 6, 16GB and 32GB class 10 microSDHC cards, and a 64GB class 10 microSDXC to record continuously for the entire card capacity at 24bit 48KHz. The unit seamlessly splits the files after 2GB.  The unit recognizes the entire available memory for each card correctly.

For recordings at 24bits 48KHz:
recording time
61h 34 min
30h 51 min
15h 25 min
7h 45 min
3h 52 min

It stands to reason that higher capacity cards may also be compatible, given adequate speed.
After reviewing the Memory Stick® Media Compatibility Information for Sony® Digital Voice Recorders,
it appears that 16GB, 32GB may also be compatible.

64GB card: SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A
$47.00 shipped, as of 2013.12.23

32GB card: Patriot Signature 32 GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card PSF32GMCSDHC10,
$49.99 shipped, as of 2012.01.12

16GB card: Patriot Signature 16 GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card (PSF16GMCSDHC10),
$19.99 shipped, as of 2012.01.12

8GB card: A-DATA Turbo Series 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter, Class 6,
$27 shipped, as of 2008.11.24

4GB card: PQI 4GB Micro SD High Capacity (Micro SDHC) Memory Card w/ SD Card Adapter, Class 6, Model AEAS-4030R01FJ
$9.25 shipped, as of 2008.11.24

Micro SD Adapter Set (SD, mini SD, Memory Stick Pro Duo) - $10.75 shipped, as of 2008.11.24

Other considerations I have after using the recorder include some suggestions for ways to alleviate stress on the input connectors.

There are right-angle connectors for both analog and optical inputs/outputs.

Neutrik NTP3RC and NTP3RC-B 3.5mm Audio Plug, $14.09 shipped, as of 2008.11.24

Velocity™ Right Angle Adapter - Toslink to Mini Plug, $12.53 shipped, as of 2008.11.24
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Brilliant Thanks for the post. I think it makes sense, I'm gonna help a buddy through it and see if we can make it work.

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For some reason my PCMD50 does not show me the option of formatting the MS, it only shows the internal memory available to format....

i'm still struggling with the idea of using a microSD with adapter...


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I've tried microSD cards in an adapter.  It worked without problem (from a recording standpoint).

What I found with my D50 is that upon powering up, it gave an "Unknown Media" error message (or unknown card, or something like that).  Press stop and the message went away, and the D50 operated pretty much normally.

The only catch was my green and red signal meters stopped working.  I had been thinking my LED indicators just broke one day.  Then after a few months of recording with the microSD card+adapter I realized that my LEDs not working seemed to occur at the same time I started using the adapter.  Took out the adapter and inserted normal MemStick media, and boom, LEDs are working again.

I'm not sure if different microSD media would have different results, but for now I'm just going to go back to using my 4gb MemStick card, and I'll carry along my microSD+adapter in case I need more record time or forget to transfer old shows off the MemStick card.  More memory is great, but I like having working LED metering. :)
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Can't wait to get this set-up.  The duo cards are out there but getting harder to find and expensive.
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