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Author Topic: full motion wall mount recs/questions for 37'  (Read 6814 times)

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full motion wall mount recs/questions for 37'
« on: January 15, 2009, 08:36:02 PM »
can't believe it but I got the ok to wall mount!  been looking at the Sanus brands.  according to their website all these will work with my tv.  full motion is a must.  main question is regarding the smaller, cheaper ones.

such as these

says they'll hold a 37'.    just seems like it might not be strong enough.  my tv only weighs 35 pounds though.  anyone using these with a 37'??

looking at these as well but the price is a bit more.

looking at the pics it appears that all of them mount onto one stud only.  so really not seeing too much difference.
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