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Author Topic: "No Media Found" Microtrack 2496 Help - 8GB Kingston Elite Pro 133x  (Read 7050 times)

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Hey everyone,

I have heard from a few people that 8GB Kingston Elite Pro 133x Compact Flash cards work fine in the Microtrack 2496.  So I bought two 8GB Kingston Elite Pro 133x Compact Flash cards and neither of them work.  I get the "no media found" error.  I did just upgrade to the latest firmware, 1.4.6 bootloader 1.05 (before trying the two new cards).  I updated the firmware using my original card (that came with MT).  It seemed to work fine.  My 4gb Kingston Elite Pro 45x still works fine.  However, the 8GB Kingstons are not read by the Microtrack..."no media found."  I am still able to format media on the 8GB Kingstons, however, after it loads it still shows "no media found." Can anyone provide advice as to how I can get this to work? What firmware do you use to make it work? Do you put the firmware update on the 8GB card or the stock CF card that came with the device? Any advice as I am trying to get my recorder "festy ready" for the summer :)



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