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Author Topic: Schoeps CMC3 / CMC5 and active cable schematics  (Read 6817 times)

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Schoeps CMC3 / CMC5 and active cable schematics
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:05:47 AM »
Thanks to Jason for this one:

I stumbled across a complete CMC3/CMC5 schematic which includes details on both ends of the active cables (check out the left half when printed - C2, R3 on the body side of the active cable, T1, R1, R2, C1 on the cap end.)  This may be helpful to those trying to engineer alternate active solutions.

To the DIYers, please keep us all in the loop on what you come up with!
I grabbed it here: and am including it as an attachment in case that link should every disappear.

- Jason

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