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dat tape length question (!!)

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i'm sure this has been asked nearly fourtythousand times, but just a quick answer would be the best, i've been searching and can't find any information...

i'm a musiciain who will be recording demos on an m1 and am torn between the 65, 95 and 125 minute sony brand pro dat plus.  i need them to sound as good as posible as much of it will be used in the studio, so my question is, what is the difference in reliability and tape thickness between these three lengths of dat?  should i go even shorter for maximum reliability?  

are there other blank dat brands i should be looking into?

i need to buy the dats today so any help is H U G E L Y appreciated.

my best,

125 minute tapes will work fine and shouldn't cause you any issues....

cool, i was panning on either getting 65 or 95 minutes, just because tape length isn't an issue for me anyway.  do 125 minute dats have thinner tape than the 95's or 65's?  i heard at some point the tape gets thinner and want to stay on the other side of that.,...

as long as you stay away from the DDS grade and stick with the audio grade you shouldnt run into issues

thanks for your help


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