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Finding DR-680mkII SDcards; Understanding part numbers; -J35 vs -G46 at end?

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I'm looking to buy a small set of TASCAM approved and tested SD cards for my DR-680mkII.

Given my current focus, 32GB and 16GB seem the right sizes to keep.

TASCAM lists a rather small set of cards in this range; Panasonic RP-SDUC32GJK and SanDisk SDSDXPB-032G-J35, SDSDXPB-016G-J35 and SDSDXPA-032G-J35N, respectively.

All of these cards are ALMOST available ( :-) yeah ) in Sweden. Only thing wrong is the character combination after the last "-". What does J35 and J35N mean??? Here in Sweden, I can only find samples with "-G46" at the end. Is this significant, or is this just a packaging or market segment indicator or something??

Yes, this is a very delayed reply, but there may be others with the same question.

I think you're right that the trailing characters are packaging.

I've used SanDisk cards in the DR680MKII recorder with no problems.
I started with a 64 GB card that is no longer available in the US:

SanDisk 64GB ExtremePro Class 10 UHS-I U3 SDXC Memory Card

Back in May, I bought a pair of these:

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I Class 10 U3 V30 SDXC Memory Card

I generally do a full format of the card before starting a new recording session.  However, I recently taped for 4 days straight at a festival with two recorders.  The 128 GB cards were mostly filled by the end of the weekend.  I backed up the data onto a hard drive each morning for safe keeping, but didn't delete them from the card.  As I said, I had no problems.  Knock on wood!

680 is not picky about SD cards.  I've had no problems with any of the numerous SDHD 32GB cards I've used in it.  Haven't tried using any larger SDXD cards myself.

Resurrecting this because I was searchin' google and don't want others to experience the same: I tried a SDSDXVF-128G-GNCIN (128gb SDXC) and tascam is giving me the MBR error on it. I don't currently have a way to plug it into my pc.. so can't try formatting it there.

I'm going to purchase and try the SDSDXXG-128G-ANCIN - very thankful to rumbleseat for the post.

Just ordered a few more SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I (SDSDUNC-032G-GN6IN) at ~$10 each yesterday.

They are very inexpensive and work very well in all the recorders I am currently using:

Tascam DR-680mk1
Tascam DR-680Mk2
Tascam DR2d
Roland R-44
Roland R-88

They also work in the point-n-shoot cameras I occasionally use.

Personally I have no real need to switch to a higher capacity card.  I typically use one 32GB card per day at a festival, recording 6 channels into a DR-680, and keep and extra in the bag as a spare.


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