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Finding DR-680mkII SDcards; Understanding part numbers; -J35 vs -G46 at end?

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--- Quote from: Gutbucket on September 28, 2018, 11:00:50 AM ---Just ordered a few more SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I (SDSDUNC-032G-GN6IN) at ~$10 each yesterday.

They are very inexpensive and work very well in all the recorders I am currently using:

Tascam DR-680mk1
Tascam DR-680Mk2
Tascam DR2d
Roland R-44
Roland R-88

They also work in the point-n-shoot cameras I occasionally use.

Personally I have no real need to switch to a higher capacity card.  I typically use one 32GB card per day at a festival, recording 6 channels into a DR-680, and keep and extra in the bag as a spare.

--- End quote ---
This is the exact card I use 3 of in my Tascam DR-680mk1. Not one card issue with this deck and this card after at least 30-40 shows.

Looking at the 680/680MKII tested media list:

I see some cards have this listed:

"The performace of the media may be degraded significantly if it will be used repeatedly."

Does anyone know what that is supposed to mean? Or why it would be the case?

I've used the same 32GB SanDisk Ultra cards in both of my units for years without issues. They're not on the list, so I'm not sure if they would have that caveat or not.

I just ordered the Lexar cards listed (32GB for my 680, 64GB for my 680MKII) and ran some test recordings for a few hours. No issues, so fingers crossed. Those also don't have the caveat about degraded performance.

I don't know why some cards may degrade and not others, but Sound Devices MixPre media list specifically advises;

--- Quote ---For best media performance, Sound Devices recommends occasionally performing a full reformat of an SD card per the “Overwrite Format” method from the SD Association. The Overwrite Format deletes file/directory entries by initializing file system parameters of the card (same as with Quick Format), and erases all data by overwriting the user data area completely. The Overwrite Format takes more time to complete than the Quick Format method. More information can be found on the SD Association’s website. Please note that all files stored on the card will be lost during the formatting process. After using the SD Memory Card Formatter, the card will still need to be formatted in the mixer-recorder.
--- End quote ---

These lists drive me crazy - I can never find what's on the list, so have to guess on something else, and just test it by recording until it's full. I've never had a problem with any card in a 680, but a couple of problems with cards in a 680mkII, never seen again.


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