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Last night I taped my first show using the d:vice and Metarecorder. First 2 sets aka "Scenes" as Metarecorder calls them came out just fine. When checking levels during the final band the real-time level meter was functioning, but nothing was showing in the bigger window that shows the actual recording. Cut to just now when I'm listening to the .wav and it's all messed up. Some odd parts that seem to skip/repeat, other parts the low level just goes out and there are little very short blank spaces you can see when viewing the file in Audacity. I used my iphone in airplane mode and closed a bunch of apps before the show. Clearly something had gone awry with the app.

Are issues like this why people stick to a dedicated ipod touch (which I have)? I'm pretty bummed, but it was the first time with this new setup, I had used minidisc for years.

I don't know about this particular app, but I wonder if you are playing it back from the app, or if you've transferred the file to another machine, and the resultant file plays back with obvious errors?
Is the problem with the file or the app?
If the app can't play a good file, then at least you have a good file??!!

Yep, I should've mentioned that. It plays back incorrectly in Metarecorder from the phone as well, so it wasn't a bad transfer from the phone to computer. Same errors in the same spots on Metarecorder and Audacity. It's odd because the first 2 sets are totally fine, it seems like a problem writing the file during recording. I knew something was up when the recording display wasn't working, but what can ya do I guess. I suppose I will use my barebones ipod next time and just accept this as a lesson learned.

I sent an email to Apogee, but I realize this sort of thing is probably impossible to find a root cause of unless it is repeatable. I will probably just use my stripped down ipod touch with no other active apps running in the future.

Clem Cheesy:
What happens when phone gets email, text, or inbound call ?

That said, iPod Touch has been declared End of Life
Apple is selling out stock and making no more
I presume iphones use much of the same parts and bring them more profit
Add this to the list of "supply chain" losses....


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