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DPA d:VICE just announced

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The weird radial inouts not great for  >:D

A single locking mini-xlr or binder input would be much better.. and will represent a considerable improvement in format on the forthcoming 4/6 channel version.  ;)  Since we're redesigning this for them, I'd like to see an on-board battery to increase run-time and reduce draw from the phone, with menu settings for power management with options like: draw from both sources; draw from internal battery first then switch to phone's power; phone-power only (so as not to burn phone-power charging a dead d:VICE battery); etc.

Curious how power-on/off, gain, filter and other settings work.  No obvious physical controls on the unit, so everything must be controllable through the app. 

I think this is pretty awesome. If the battery life is as good as DPA says, it will be really great. I love how it can run both the miniature mics and the full size capsules (with the MMP-G cables). Form factor is a little weird, but not a deal breaker for me, as it will be a super compact set-up. I will almost certainly give one of these a try...

It's value is enabling a very compact, clean, direct-to-phone rig that fits in a pocket.  The disappointment is that the input format design doesn't provide robust input connector and cable protection - making for unnecessary strikes against compactness and pocket-ability.

I'd buy if DPA produces one that can do 4 or more channels, at which point it would need a single multi-pin mic input to achieve reasonable cable management.  Also would prefer it to work with Android devices.

Clem Cheesy:
Team Early Adopter now forming
I like simple and small

Some of my best recordings came from AT943ES / XLR mod.  >> FR-2

Will this polarize the AT943ES set properly?

Not having a 'droid app sux0rs, because mounting 128GB card is cake on all the new Samsung devices.

$650 to power the AT set, amplify as transparent or slightly warm the signal, and bucket to 128GB of phone storage would be all that I ever wanted from "taping", short of holding a CD in the air and having the show dynamically imprint itself in the dye.


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