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TDK or Maxell ?

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What brand of cassette tape of Maxell and TDK does everyone prefer?

Maxell XLII, I keep the max points.

I was typically a Maxell guy, we could get them dirt cheap in NYC back in the day. But I never had a problem with TDK tapes, they always worked well.
Hell, I still have a box of brand new XLIIs! Now I just need to get my D5 working!


--- Quote from: noahbickart on June 13, 2017, 06:46:16 AM ---Maxell XLII, I keep the max points.

--- End quote ---

I think I still have a shitload of those somewhere. Used to but TDK occasionally to get the free carrying cases

twatts (pants are so over-rated...):
NIB Maxell XLIIs and XLIISs are going for a good bit of change on FleaBheyz...



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