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Baby nbox users...opinions on quality of M10 preamps?

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Use mine with the Tascam DR-2D.  Great stealth rig. 

Sony M10 user here.  I'm still using the same recorder for 13+ years.  I've used it with every variant I've thrown at it.  Preamps: Grace, Aerco, Oade, Sound Devices/Shure, Cooper, and Naiant.  Mics: AKG, Nakamichi, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, DPA, and Schoeps.  The Sony M10 has been always consistently good.  Trusted.  Yet, those are Line-In recordings.  For Mic-in, I like the Edirol R-09HR when using a battery box out front.   A little more fatter sound than Sony, Roland (R05), Tascam (DR1+DR2d), and Marantz (PMD620).  I'm a Tascam and Marantz fan too.  Just my ears/opinion....  lol


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Looking forward to running the baby nBox for the first time into an Oade modded M10, sometime this year.  F you Omicron...   :really_sucks:

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Me too. I just got my M10 back and cant wait to run it!


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