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MiniDisc Brands?

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I've seen a few other people on here who use MD and I wa curious what brand you all liked.  I tried Memorex once and seemd to have a lot of skips.  Switched to the Sony golds and haven't even had a hiccup.


i like the sony golds

Sony gold are great, as are the TDK gold.

Sony 80 min golds all the way! Those Memorex pieces of shit are real pieces of shit.

ftr - 80 min discs won't work in my MS722's, so I only use 74.

I"ve used:

Maxell both normal and color
Memorex both normal and color
sony gold, color, and normal
jvc color
phillips color
tdk gold ice normal

shit, a lot of others, quite frankly i think i've tried everything out there and i'm fully partial to the sony colors. they're the only disc aside from the TDK ice that have never defaulted on me once and as well they are cheaper than the ice.


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