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SanDisk "High Endurance" microSD

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heres what this site says

Something not addressed in these tests is reliability. While flash memory is generally quite stable and resilient, in part because there are no moving parts, memory cards can and do fail. When choosing which cards to use myself, speed is one factor, but I also generally favor cards from well-established brands. And for normal use, those typically offer excellent performance. But I also like to keep at least one spare on hand–it’s hard to complete a shoot with a faulty memory card.

But if you’re choosing a memory card for what amounts to near-constant writing–such as with a dashcam or security cam that is constantly being overwritten–you might be better off in the long run with one of the specialized high-endurance cards that some brands offer, like these. They typically aren’t at the top of the speed charts, but they add extra peace of mind that the card should be able to tolerate very high numbers of write cycles.


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