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Newbie question about DAT

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I have a small collection of DAT decks of various models, with three (Sony D-100, Fostex D-5, and Panasonic SV-3800) hooked up for making transfers. I'd be happy to try making transfers on problematic tapes sent to me with a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return journey.

Maybe someone with a D-7 could make the same offer?

Good morning here,

I've finally sent my D7 to someone who knows how to fix these things in my country (Israel).  I've been told that its guides were very loose (among the other, more critical problems, of capacitor leakage and old grease).

In the meantime, I've tried playing my tapes on a Tascam DA-30 (not the MK ii).  Now, my tapes divide into two groups:  the first were recorded by my (loose headed) D7, in SP mode; the second - on my friend's D7, in LP mode (this means a downgrade to 32KHz, right ?).  The DA-30 played the first group of tapes without a problem, but none of the other tapes (my friend's LP mode ones) - it showed nothing on the meters as well.

I didn't think about this difference when I was near the device, so I can't test or change anything now, but could it be that the Tascam doesn't read tapes recorded on LP ?  Or is there a way to change its settings to recognize the inserted tape is an LP one ?  Just so I could check it when I'm near the deck again.

EDIT:  I do see a "Rec. Mode - Standard/Long" on the DA-30 MKii, but I can't figure out whether this option is featured on the original DA-30 as well (I see on there actually is support for 32KHz, but I don't know if they mean just for recording or for playback too).  I've natively thought that most decks would support LP mode just like my D7 does.

Thanks everyone,

P.S. sorry for my newbie questions !

Sony and Panasonic used different formats for their LP modes, which are not compatible with each other. Not sure which one the tascam would use, but probably the Panasonic version.

The "Panasonic" 32 kHz is 16-bit, but it is not an LP mode. 16-bit @ 32 kHz, but the machine runs the same speed and a 2 hour tape is still just a 2 hour tape. The "Sony" 32 kHz is an LP mode non-linear 12 bit @ 32 kHz and the machine runs at half speed so you get 4 hours out of a 2 hour tape. The Fostex and Tascam machines that have LP mode are 12-bit/32-kHz like the Sony machines. That Tascam DA-30 should play back 32 kHz LP DATs made on a Sony TCD-D7. If it doesn't it could well be a head misalignment problem like Ozpeter mentioned. I haven't done any in years, but had varied success playing back LP tapes recorded on a Sony DTC-75ES or received in trade. I still have the 75ES stored away in a closet in case I need it for some old LP mode recordings (like an FM broadcast of the 1997 Playboy Jazz Festival) and they don't play on my Fostex D5. Though I have doubts it will ever make it all the way through a 4 hour tape given that the transport was struggling back 10+ years ago when I used it last. Over the years my Fostex D5 has played just about everything (like oaitw said), frequently better than my Panasonic SV-3800.

LP mode in section 19 of the DAT-heads FAQ:

the hardest part for me of dealing with 32K recordings (all sony) is finding a recorder that can accept it. none of the standalone solid state recorders i use will lock on 32K. Soundcards can usually do it but the laptop i used to use is long defunct. You may need to go analog out of the DAT


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