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DJI Osmo Pocket 3 camera has 32 bit float audio - wow, times are changing!

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A postscript - FWIW DJI have confirmed that the stereo soundfield of the internal recording of this device rotates when the gimbal rotates, even though the three mics in the handle may be pointing in a different direction from the head.  This was also a feature of the previous model.  And to me, it's a pretty neat trick.

I have zero experience with DJI products, but after doing a bit of research, I ordered the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo.  Expected delivery is mid-January.  I videotape high school sporting events from the sidelines and want something that is small and non-obtrusive (looking), that still shoots high quality video while on the move.

The latest FW allows the camera to record stereo audio in wav format from the 3 internal mics, while recording the external wireless mic to the video track, or an external usb-c mic.  So it seems you now have a four channel audio recorder with video.  Interesting!  I will test soon.

[Edit - yup, it's indeed now a four channel audio recorder with video.  The wave file created from its internal mics is 16bit, 48kHz.  The audio component of the video file created from an external USB-C mic (in my test, a Zoom M3 mic/recorder) is AAC LC 317 kb/s at 48Khz.  So the actual format of the audio files isn't spectacular but still usable.  However, the Zoom M3 can of course not only feed the camera but is can record 32 bit float internally at the same time.  So one way and another, you would get an interesting choice of options for the audio source(s) of the final edited production.]

[Another edit - it occurs to me that this would allow the Sennheiser Ambeo binaural mic as the external mic connected via a USB-C adapter feeding the video file's audio component.  In my experience, talking when recording in-ear binaural sound doesn't work that well, but with the Pocket 3 you could mix in the wave file recorded at the same time from the built in mics and get the best of both worlds.]

I've made a crude demo of the 4 channel ability here - - note that the internal stereo mics don't sound good in this as I was speaking from behind the mics in a bathroom!  Normally they sound pretty good to me.


--- Quote from: Ozpeter on October 26, 2023, 10:28:56 AM ---But does it have the multiple preamps required to do the job properly??

--- End quote ---

That's the kicker. Unless it is a auto ranging multi-ADC setup such as those employed Stagetec, Sound Devices, Zoom, etc. then recording in 32-bit float format has no real benefits.


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