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90 min DAT tapes bad?

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are they bad or someting becasue everyone post about them like they are bad for your DAT machine? is this true or am I over exagerating?

Brian Skalinder:
Ahem.  :P  Check the Archival Info forum for a thread on 90m tapes.

90m are 90 meter tapes or in other words 3 hour tapes. 

90minute tapes  are a ok fine in any deck.

I believe 90 minutes tapes are about 45 meters long .   but audio based tapes are measured in minutes not tape length

DDS or computer back up tapes are measured in tape lenght or data capacity. 



depends on your deck, most D8/D7/M1 users won't use them because the belief is that the motors in the smaller dats are not strong enough to pull 90's so the motors wear out prematurely, on the other hand many DAP1 users like myself absolutely love 90 meters, we just press record/play and forget about it until the show is over and rarely have to switch out the 90's for another blank, sure makes things easy and avoids missed songs/cuts during recording

oh ok well mine are 90 min TDK dat. I bought it at guitar center cause I couldn't wait a few days for tape wharehouse.


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