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Title: Tips on searching the forums
Post by: Brian Skalinder on December 08, 2003, 11:44:57 AM
Seems like people regularly ask questions for which answers are readily available.  I figure it's for one of two reasons:  they're lazy, or they don't find the results using the search features.  I can't do anything about lazy people >:(, but, I can help people use the search functions more effectively.  So...some tips:

[1] Keywords
Start with a narrow range of keywords in the Search For field to maximize the volume of results.  If the results are too voluminous, you may always add or refine the keywords to narrow the results returned.

[2] Keyword Matching
Try using different keyword matching options.  In the dropdown next to the Search For field, select Match Any Words to perform the broadest search with your keywords.  Using the same keywords, try slimming down the results by using the Match All Words option.For example, using these keywords - "Edirol", "digi", "mod", and "UA5" - the search engine would return these results:

Match Any Words

Match All Words

[4] Options

Simply tick the box to determine how you want to view the results from your search:  As Messages (Subject + the first few lines of the message), or Topic Subjects Only (subject line only)

[5] Fields To Search
Try ticking only the Subject checkbox to narrow results.  However, given all the thread hijacking that goes on here, it's often best to also tick the Message checkbox.

[6] Message Age
Most of the time, you're just fine leaving the default starting (0) and ending (9999) age.  Though if you know the topic for which you're searching appeared in the last 2 weeks, feel free to change accordingly.

[7] Search Order
Several options here, select whichever you wish:

[8] Choose A Board
This is KEY.  Select only those boards that likely hold the answer to your question - otherwise you may be deluged with an enormous volume of results.  To UNtick all boards, simply UNtick the Check All checkbox.  Then merely tick the forums in which you'd like to search.  Don't forget to include the TS Knowledge Base / Archive forums when searching for technical answers.