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Author Topic: Mics with "active" cables  (Read 7640 times)

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Mics with "active" cables
« on: March 18, 2004, 06:39:39 PM »
Mic manufacturers with "active" cables allowing you to run the mic caps remotely from the mic bodies, or very compact mics with tiny mic bodies:

Schoeps  (
CCM# Series, CMC# Series using MKx caps

DPA  (
402x Series

Neumann  (
KM100 Series using AKx caps

AKG  (
SE300B Blueline Series bodies with active cables (Part # MK 90/3 + H 98) using CKx caps
C460 bodies with active cables (Part # MK 46/16) using CK1X, CK2X, etc. caps

JK Labs  (
Makes phantom power / preamp boxes customized for many different mic capsules

603A Series using KAx caps

Contributed by KC5:

the nbox also uses active cables with schoeps caps.

Edit (Brian Skalinder): updated JK Labs URL per request from, well...JK Labs. 
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