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Author Topic: Legal info on recording  (Read 44649 times)

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Re: Legal info on recording
« Reply #60 on: November 22, 2022, 07:25:03 AM »
The prosecutor would have the burden of proof to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Of course -- successful prosecution would be all-but-impossible if a requisite element of the crime could not be proved.  However, the issue I'm raising isn't a conviction under the statutes/ordinances/regulations, but rather the hassle and expense that would be involved with "beating" such a conviction. 
one thing to keep in mind...

copyright is a civil case, not a criminal prosecution.

Civil cases do not require "guilt beyond reasonable doubt". They are a lot easier to win a case/lawsuit. But, that said, I've been in the business of talking copyright law, being a musician & photographer. Copyright claims are not cut & dry.


So, being a musician, having someone record one of your shows, & maybe trading it to friends, or keeping it to him/herself, there's going to be all that damages thing to prove. They might shell out thousands of dollars & the best they might get, is a copy of the recording from you... which, you'd probably give them if they wanted it anyway.

Now, think of the thousands of people recording your shows...

The moral of that story is don't listen to your friends.  Everyone seems to break life down into financial terms all the time.  Sue McDonalds if you burn yourself on a hot cup of coffee.  Sue a homeowner because you tripped over something on his property.   I believe in personal accountability so I've been over that bullshit forever.  Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. 

With respect to recording, I've never taken money for my recordings even when its been offered and never will.  Once in a while, I've accepted a ticket in exchange for recording but more often than not I've rejected that as well because I like supporting a band on the road.  Over the years, a few bands have sold my recordings on theie website to make a few bucks.  My reward is the honor that they appreciate my work enough to do so.  That said, I realize some people have studios and record for a living...I'm not passing judgement on them...I expect to be paid when I work my given profession.  But taping is my passion and hobby.  Monetizing it runs counter to my purpose for doing it.  I know this adds nothing to the strict legal discussion, but it's germane to the motivations I (and I think most of us here on have for taping.
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