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Title: EAC Configuration Check
Post by: zhianosatch on November 13, 2003, 12:03:13 AM
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Bill posted:

I have to admit some fault. I thought that I was good to go using EAC to get bit perfect extractions and that all was good. Then I read this:

http://www.sharingthegroove.org/msgboard/showthread.php?s=39f6347ca65235e96fd71eb1b1d7479d&threadid=18429 (http://www.sharingthegroove.org/msgboard/showthread.php?s=39f6347ca65235e96fd71eb1b1d7479d&threadid=18429)

So fortunately...I don't trade much. I don't know how much of an effect my original settings had on the EAC's I did in the past. I'm still not 100% that I do have it set now. I read, and re-read the instructions found:

here: http://pages.cthome.net/homepage/eac/setup.htm (http://pages.cthome.net/homepage/eac/setup.htm)

2004-07-03 | Edited by Brian Skalinder
and here: http://www.ping.be/satcp/eacoffsets02.htm#- (http://www.ping.be/satcp/eacoffsets02.htm#-)
Out-dated link.  New one:  The Coaster Factory (http://users.pandora.be/satcp/tutorials.htm)

I set the read offset to 0, ripped a studio disk, burned that disk, ripped tracks off of the second disk, and compared the WAV files using the feature in EAC. At first I came up with 92 missing samples on the original rip. I adjusted my read offset to +92.

Then I re-ripped the second disk and compared the WAV files again. This time I got no errors.

SO...am I good now?

npsinboro replied:

That's exactly what yer supposed to do Bill.

For further sanity checks you could do a file compare in DOS between the two .wav's you extracted from different disks to ensure the files are identical (not sure what EAC uses).

If in windows > Start > Run > 'cmd'

In DOS window:
C:\> FC filename1 filename2

Similar format to the unix "diff" command.