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OK, fellers, Armen is in need of some advice regarding the DPA 4060 series.
All right, guys! I'd like to get your opinions on my situation. I'm a little cool on the idea of spending $600 on 4060s and taking them to my metal shows, maybe not being able to use them FOS for fear of overload, that sort of thing.
Thanks for reading and my email is on here, also.

i owned a pair of 4061s for a year and a half and never had any issues this guy mentioned

i stealthed 4061 > mps6010 (the dpa supply that does microdot > xlr) > mp2 > d8 often

i used the mp2 for phantom.  never had spl issues, and i kissed the stacks at some shows

also ran them from halfway across the arena at madison square garden for u2, and that tape sounds pretty damn good.  

all other friends who've run 4060s and 4061s haven't had any issues either...

this guy sounds like a complete Toolbox, Armen.  

do you want to listen to Imitation CSB Jockey or real Tapers?  no offense, i'm just saying.  
seems funny you came back here for the definitive answer.  ;)  

honestly, i think that opinion was given awhile back.  and by a number of respected Tapers on this Board.  if you are overly concerned with SPLs, then skip the 4060s.  get the 4061s.  

the way it sounds to me, Mr. Toolbox didn't have these powered properly.  even after all was said and done, given the choice, he still opted for DPAs.  of the small, concealable mics made, the DPAs absolutely cannot be beat.  if you want better dynamic range/ sound of real mics, then get yourself some stealthable real mics.  4Vs/ 140s/ 4022s etc.

Scott B has mentioned the proper way to power/ run these mics.  bear in mind that this is also a mod (if not set up this way originally, which many don't).  i don't believe you will find any DPAs with microdot connectors and md-> xlr cables for less than 600.00.  i believe Scott B also ran his DPAs with a battery box (please correct me if i am wrong, Scott).  maybe he could comment a lil more on the diff in powering and if it made a diff in sound quality.  

the other thing to consider is this.  if you buy these and end up not being complete overjoyed with them, hey, just sell them.  these mics get snapped up very quickly any time they are put up for sale by someone.  you would not lose a penny if bought at a decent enuf price.

what it all boils down to is this.  trust your own heart/ ears.  you have mentioned how you have been jealous every time you have seen/ heard these mics.  you personnaly like the sound.  screw what everybody else thinks (including me) and do what your heart tells you.  in the end, that's what will make you the happiest.  

hope this helps.


Sean Gallemore:
That guy, with just the right amount of radiation, can get just about any mic to overload.  Brad's recording is unargueable one of the best of '02, so fuck what smagma says.

Marc Nutter:
Hi All,

I'm sorry if I'm missing something here but be wary of anyone claiming to be selling NEW 406* series mics for under $600.00

Right now, the DPA distributor is offering a clearance that will enable us, as an authorized dealer, to sell them for $575.00 + power supply (around $135.00).  Anything less is highly suspect.

I can certainly see why some folks would like the CSB option as it includes the high-pass filter (bass roll-off) option, but the stock DPA version with choice of connectors, makes it easier to utilize an outboard pre-amp.

Regarding 4060's vs 4061's, I typically recommend the 61's as they have a sensitivity more similar to most of the other condensor mics that we are used to using.  This is a fairly minor matter. Either should work equally well.

Enough babble for now.

Happy Recording,



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