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README1st! Mic configs for dummies & LD mics, clamps + more, Stereophonic Zoom


Brian Skalinder:
Mic Configurations
[*]Point At Stacks mic configuration table - maximise direct / reverberant pickup & retain good imaging
[*]Mic configurations for dummies
[*]Configs for large diaphragm mics
[*]Config template idea

Stereophonic Zoom
[*]Williams' Sterephonic Zoom (PDF) as a starting point for understanding and selecting a mic configuration
[*]MW's Audio Engineering and Sound Recording Practice page
[*]Homepage with links to his (free) AES papers[/list]
[*]Understanding/applying SZ 
[*]One discussion of selecting a mic config for a challenging recording environment, including how to apply Williams' Stereophonic Zoom as a starting point


All About Clamps and Extension Poles

Clamps are hugely useful, whether clamping to another taper's stand, a balcony railing, theater seating, ceiling beam -- you name it.  Some hopefully useful threads about clamps:
[*]Balcony clamping
[*]More clamps (from archived thread)
[*]Extension pole options


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