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i saw neumanns digital mic at the NAMM show this last round, and i was currious if anyone had used them in in tyhe studio, or field?  are these things even out?  it was sick you could change the pattern but a click of a mouse.    

I heard about this one, glad you got to see it at the show! Beyer has had one out since 2001 but I dont think it ever caught on for tapers. I havent heard it either. Is just the pattern digitally controlable or is the output AES or something. Great, now we'll have to bring 3 laptops to the show. ;)


the beyer

the neumann |(please protect your keyboard from subsequent drooling...)

Now I've got to go dig through the old magazine pile. Someone did a great story on these mics after NAMM last year. I think it was EQ. I'm pretty sure the mics output digitally  :)

Schoeps has a system whereby you can model the polar pattern too although it is not digital...

Fun toys for when we hit the lottery!


you know i didn't quite get a chance to read all the details.  it would make sense to have a AES out, otherwise you would be standard XLR out which would throw an analog link into the mix.  i dont think you would be able to change the pattern on the computer screen through an analog connection, just doesn't make sense.  as far as i can remember it came out of the mic into a box, or router type thing and into the laptop.  i would assume that box would be a power supply for the mics as well as a signal processor.  i know i have an info sheet somewhere in my piles of mess, around my house.  try to find out more info for us all to drool over.  

those beyers look pretty crazy.  this opens up a whole slew of questions.   on with the research.


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